From Nienburg/Weser to . . .

The harbour in Nienburg is managed by the canoe club


The main street for pedastrians and cyclists only

The Rathaus with it's Rathauskeller

Old houses and the church

The nice ending of the main street in the old city


From the harbour

"Our" harbour in river Lesum between Vegesack and Burg

From our harbour

The village Burg


The entrance to Bremerhafen and river Geeste

The shopping-street

The church


The church hidden behind the trees

The old burg

The old burg

Bederkesa Sea in the back and Bederkesa Canal in front

The Bederkesa lock

This lock connects the Bederkesa lake with the Hadelner canal. It is the outlet from the lake and you are not allowed to enter with a boat.


One small part of the enormous beacharea in Otterndorf

View over the Elbe towards Brunsbüttel where the Nord-Ostsee Kanal starts

From the little village by the harbour

From the little village by the harbour

Otterndorf harbour

The harbour where I moored

The floating bridge lies steady on the mud!

The mud is raising, or maybe the water disapearing.

It's easy to repaint the bottom of the boat if you moore it here and wait for low tide!

The North-Ostsee Canal

Inside one of the old and small locks in Brunsbüttel

The four locks in Brunsbüttel seen from the canal

Giants meet in the canal


Summer-party all over town. The whole old part of the city was crowded in the afternoon and the evening. I could see parts of the party from the boat, and I definately hear it!

Schilksee, the Olympiahafen in Kiel

The Olympia-hafen in Schilksee was built for the summer Olympic Games that were held here in 1972. Then Pelle Pettersson and Bo Knape from Gothenburg won the silvermedal in a Starboat.


The harbour seen from the fisher's quay

The harbour for fishingboats

The street with a baker, supermarket, two pubs and some other shops seen from the harbour

The harbour seen from Bibbi


The harbour seen from the hotel

A farm by the bay seen from Bibbi

The hotel seen from the harbour


The shoppingstreet

The square

The church

The cultural center by the harbour


Norsminde fjord

The harbour seen from the other side of the river

The Kro

The club house

Öer Maritime Ferieby

View from the tower towards land

View towards southeast from the tower

Bibbi seen from east

The tower seen from a narrow lane


The church

Pedastrian street 1

Pedastrian street 2

Pedastrain street 3


Views from the village


The church

An old town hall

The harbour


Bibbi II back at Brustholmarna after more than three months on tour in contineltal Europe.

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