This picture was shot at April 13th 2011 showing Bibbi II, an hour before launching, at the Tångudden ships yard in Gothenburg.
To the left, our son Ander's boat Anno II.


Late in January the weather was mild and calm so I started the work onboard,
Dismounted half of the interior in the doghouse and started to mount the wacuum-outlet of the septic tank, and a system to prevent spill when filling the dieseltanks.
Also dismanteled the panels of the doghouse, partly to make the mentioned works easier, partly to be able to renew them.

The technician at the yard also exchanged the old 6 amp generator on the engine to a 9 amp one. This will be more appropiate, thinking of todays use of lots of electronic devices onboard. There is always at least one computor running, and a lot of instruments, gps:es, plotters, phones and so on. These helpful electronic devices have used most of what the old generator have given the last years have I noticed.. So it was a must to get more power to the batteries.

Work continued. The weather was mostly fine and I managed to finish a lot of work before launching on April the 13th.
On Sunday April the 17th I moved the boat to our home harbour, Hinsholmskilen. I stoped at Brustholmarna and spent a couple of hours there. During this trip everything on board worked OK.
A week later, at Easter Sunday, I started another trip to Brustholmarna and the aim was to meet Anders and Linda there. In Hinsholmen I started the engine but when I pushed the throttle the engine refused respond! Nothing happened. I examined the engine and found that the gaswire was broken. Nothing to do about it at the moment, so I called Anders and he fetched me up. We had a nice day at Brustholmarna.
At Easter Monday I checked the gaswire again and went to the workshop in Hinsholmen to get help.
They could do nothing at the moment, there are many customers waiting . . .
I visited the workshop a couple of times during the weeks that passed to no good! After two weeks I asked for a guarantee that the work should be done no later then Friday May 20th. And they promised.
I visited Bibbi almost every day the coming weeks and nothing happened . . .
At Friday the 20th I was at Bibbi in the morning to fix a few things. No serviceman there. But late in the afternoon the serviceman phoned me to say that the gaswire was changed and worked OK!
During the week that followed I had no chance to take Bibbi on a tour, but almost every day I visited her and brouhjt a lot of things on board.


This picture was shot at April 13th 2011 showing Bibbi II, an hour before launching, at the Tångudden ships yard in Gothenburg.