Ingrid by Westminster Abbey. This November we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a trip to London.


We celebrated my fathers 75th birthday with a trip to China.
Here Ingrid and Brith are cycling on a street in Beijing.


My mother wanted to see New York and invited me to a trip. Here I am on the Plaza by the Twin Towers. We also made a trip to Washington and a trip to Niagara Falls.


Together with two guys from work I went away to the Pointer Institute in St Petersbourgh in Florida. We also went to Los Angeles and San Fransisco to visit a couple of newspapers. At left I'm bathing in the Atlantic Ocean and at right in the Pacific Ocean.


We celebrated Ingrid's 50th birthday with a cruise on MS Isis on the Nile in Egypt.


Ingrid and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to London. We made outings to Bath and to Stratford upon Avon.
Here Ingrid's admiring a Rover 3500 on a London-street.


Meeting Robert Arnold, left, at Houlihans pub in Fishermans wharf, San Fransisco. I went to see the big computor fair in Las Vegas this fall and also made a visit to San Fransisco to meet some webpublishers. Robert Arnold is a Rover-freak as me, and also turned out to be a webpublisher!


The 50th anniversary trip. I celebrated my 50th birthday by taking a three month long trip with my boat. This picture of the family on the boat was shot in Berlin.
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This year Ingrid and I celebrated our 30th wedding-anniversary with a trip to London in late November. Here is Ingrid by the the Tower of London, but no Beafeaters in sight.


This year we made a trip to Wales and England in June. In Wales we spent a couple of days with UK Roverfriends and after that we drove along the English countryside, which is very beautiful.
The picture shows Ingrid at the city wall in Chester.


This was the year for another long trip with the boat. We sailed it aorund the south parts of Sweden to Copenhagen, and then up along the Swedish eastcoast to Stockholm and Åland. Back again through Göta Canal and Trollhätte Canal.
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We made another trip to the NTPR-rally in Wales. This year with three other cars from Gothenburg. We spent almost two weeks in England and Wales.
The picture shows me in a Cadillac.
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We made yet another trip to the NTPR-rally in Wales. We were four cars from Gothenburg and spent almost two weeks in southern England and northern Wales.
The picture shows me at right and Anders at left talking to Ingrid in our cab.
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Time for the a trip to celebrate my 60th birthday. We only had a week, so we took our Rover 216 Cab on a tour through Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
Ingrid having a Kvack in Brügge.
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We went to the very last NTPR-rally in Wales. We were two cars and one MC from Gothenburg and spent more than two weeks in England, northern Wales and in Scotland.
The picture shows me with Rover-friends on the train to the top of Snowdonia.
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We made a trip through Europe in our cab. Down through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia to Italy.
The picture shows me having lunch in Frasissi.
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We made another trip on the European canals to celebrate that both of us now have retired!
Here we are towed to Heiligenhafen.
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Wales once again!
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Med barnen till Malta
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Bussturer till Lidköping
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En vecka i Ungern
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En vecka i Krakow
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En helg i London
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Till Sicilien i cabben
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