My father bought a boat in 1972 and ever since then I've spent my holidays at sea. I always helped him maintaining the boat and when he died I inherited the boat.

I've been a member of Göteborgs Motorbåt Sällskap, Gothenburg Motorboat Society, since 1975 and have been member of the board from the late 1980-ies until spring 2008. More then ten years as secretary.


A few sites I've made about boats and boating:
The canals of the Nordic countries - mainly in Swedish, but I have started to translate the site to English, a job that will last several years. With the part about the Finish canals in Finish too!

The full story about my 50th anniversary trip 1998 on European canals - only in English

About our trip to the Swedish eastcoast and Åland in 2004 - only in English

Our last longer trip on the boat? In 2011 we made another trip on the European canals - only in English

In the Rothense Schibshebewerk
close to Magdeburg in Germany
during the 50th anniversary trip in 1998.


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